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IIHS, Virginia Tech Partner to Develop Bicycle Helmet Rating System

The same group that released crash test ratings for SUVs is back with results for bicycle helmets.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety teamed up with researchers at the Helmet Lab at Virginia Tech to test the protection levels of various helmets.

Every helmet sold in the U.S. must meet government safety standards, but details on a helmet's level of protection has been lacking.

Buoyed by its lab on testing football helmets, researchers at Virginia Tech partnered with IIHS to study bike helmets and formulate a rating guide.

Researchers tried to replicate impact scenarios for bike crashes, including helmets hitting the ground at an angle.

Of the 30 helmet models tested, 24 scored Good or Very Good. Only four received the highest safety rating of five stars.

What they both had in common was MIPS, or Multidirectional Impact Protection Systems.

You can find the full list of helmet ratings by clicking here.

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