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If Your Luggage Is Delayed, Airlines Can Offer Compensation If You Ask

Flights are full this summer travel season as many of us get away for a little R & R.

Most of us come prepared for delays and cancellations but the big hiccup most of us fear is a lost bag. It's a horrible feeling when you're standing at the baggage claim watching the bags go round and yours is no where to be found.

It happened to Kenyatta Henderson last week coming back from the Dominican Republic.

"Shoes, bags, purses. I lost expensive purses," she said.

Kenyatta luckily was coming home so she had more clothes and toiletries at her house.

When your bag disappears in the middle of a trip, airlines will often help you get by until they have a chance to find your bag.

Fort Worth-based American Airlines tells us they will compensate for reasonable expenses to purchase items needed for immediate use.

It's on a case by case basis and this compensation varies airline to airline and in some cases city to city.

Only seven percent of bags truly disappear, they're usually found within a few days but certainly after a while of waiting it's hard to be positive.

Laws in the U.S. can give you up to $3500 for lost bags. If you're traveling internationally, it depends on the rules with that country and is typically less money.

Keep all your receipts, not just what you bought but even the cab fare to the mall.

Sometimes airlines will reimburse that as well.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if it's not offered.

Explain your situation and they will often help.

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