If You Haven't Dealt With Your Samsung Galaxy Note7 Yet, Here's What to Do

If you have a Galaxy Note7, make sure to keep it turned off

More bad news for Samsung and the Galaxy Note 7. The company announced it will stop making the smartphone after new reports of the replacement Note7s catching fire.

Major phone carriers around the globe have also been ordered to stop selling the device. So if you're sitting at home with the Note7, it's time to get a new phone.

"I'm very happy with the two generation older phone that I have, but hearing about what the 7 is doing, it's scary," said Greg Stanford.

The company recalled 2.5 million Note7 phones last month following numerous reports of the phones catching fire.

But it appears the new batch has some major, familiar problems, too.

"I look over and my phone's in flames," said Galaxy Note7 user Michael Klering.

It also happened to Daniel Franks, who thought his replacement phone was safe.

"It got so hot so fast, it was melting the plastic case on it," said Franks.

There's no word on whether the replacement Note7s are affected by the same battery issue impacting the original model, but Samsung isn't taking chances, stopping sales, exchanges and production of the Note7.

"Obviously there's some problem.  Yes I'm concerned about it," said Galaxy customer Julia Gegenheimer. "I still like the product, but if I need to look into an LG or another model, I might do that."

In a written statement, Samsung advises "consumers with an original Galaxy Note7 or replacement Galaxy Note7 should power down."

Customers can either exchange the Note7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge or they can contact the carrier or retailer for a full refund.

"I'm a big fan of a phone that does not catch on fire," said Stanford.

While Samsung's pain may be other smartphone makers' gain, loyal customers just want the company to get it right.

"They need to get this thing figured out with the batteries.  I don't know if it's the technology, but new stuff is supposed to work better, not worse.

If you have a Galaxy Note7, make sure to keep it turned off.

To exchange your phone, contact the store where you bought your phone (see a list of phone numbers and websites on Samsung's site here). If you bought it from Samsung.com or have questions, call the company at 844-365-6197.

Samsung also has a list of FAQ; find it here.

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