ICE Files Immigration Detainer on Suspected Serial Killer Billy Chemirmir

ICE officials filed a formal request to see if Billy Chemirmir is deportable after being charged in the deaths of 12 women in North Texas

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a statement about the status of Billy Chemirmir, 45, a capital murder suspect accused of smothering more than a dozen elderly women in North Texas senior living homes.

On March 23, 2019, ICE deportation officers filed an immigration detainer with the Dallas County jail on Chemirmir, a citizen of Kenya and a permanent resident of the United States, after he was charged with capital murder.

Chemirmir has been in custody since March 2018 and is charged in the deaths of 12 women. He is accused of posing as a maintenance worker or health care provider to gain access to the apartments of women in Dallas and Collin counties.

Police say Chemirmir smothered the women with a pillow before stealing their jewelry. 

According to ICE officials, U.S. permanent residents from other countries must meet specific criteria to be subject to removal proceedings under the Immigration and Nationality Act. These criteria can include convictions of multiple crimes involving moral turpitude after admission to the U.S.

Individuals who meet these criteria are placed in removal proceedings before an immigration judge, during which ICE officials must prove that the individual is removable as charged.

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