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iPhone App for Texas Snakes



    Have you ever found a snake in your yard and wondered, what kind of snake is that? Is it venomous? Instead of posting the photo on Facebook and having all your non-expert friends guess, now there's an app for that.

    The TX Snakes app is the brainchild of Texas Tech herpetology graduate student Jeremy Weaver.

    "If you've seen snakes around your house and you're wondering if they're venomous or not you can use it and look at what snakes are found there," said Weaver.

    The app allows you to identify the snakes three ways -- by the county you live in, by the pattern or by if it has a rattle. The app has information on more than 250 counties in Texas.

    Texas Snake App

    [DFW] Texas Snake App
    Texas Tech herpetology student Jeremy Weaver developed an iPhone App for identifying and understanding Texas snakes.
    (Published Wednesday, July 20, 2011)

    Weaver said as it gets hotter you might be more likely to see snakes near your home. "You could see more snakes because people watering their lawns or living close to water or maybe snakes come closer to get a drink. Sometimes the prey of the snake is going to be close to water," Weaver said.

    The app won't make you an expert and you shouldn't get close just because you identify them with the app, but you might at least have a better understanding of Texas snakes. "It'll help squash some of the misconceptions that are found and hopefully give people a greater appreciation for snakes," Weaver said.

    The app is 99 cents in the iTunes app store on iTunes. There is also an app for Oklahoma snakes.

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