‘I can't sleep … he's out there,' Keller restaurant owner seeks help after 3 break-ins

Keller neighbors help Pho in the Box owner as police search for suspect after string of break-ins

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Many people come to Pho in the Box in Keller for the food, but many end up coming back for Alvin Inthasone, the owner.

“Great food. Great atmosphere. Alvin’s just a great man. Good conversation, big smile all the time," said Matthew Ryckman, a customer and local business owner, himself.

“I used to come here for the food, and now I come for the laughter," customer Esther Smith echoed.

She said Inthasone has gone above and beyond for customers, like for her friend who is struggling with an addiction.

"Alvin stepped up and said, 'I’m going to help you get into treatment, and every day that you come in here, I’m going to offer you a free meal.' And, he did," Smith said. "That’s Alvin. Nothing in return, just, ‘I want to help.'"

Now, she feels it's her turn to help.

Smith posted a call to social media to help Inthasone recover from a break-in that happened on Thursday.

It's the third one in less than six months.

"We offer forgiveness, and we offer grace," she said. “Obviously, this guy has something to say. We’re listening. Come up, talk to us: What is it?”

The suspect, caught on surveillance video, hasn't stolen anything; each time, he's smashed windows and doors, and run away.

Inthasone said the damage, which is only partially covered by insurance, has cost him over $10,000, not to mention the lost income when he's had to close up shop to clean up.

A sign on a boarded door reads, 'We are open.'
NBC 5/Tahera Rahman
A sign on a boarded door reads, 'We are open.' Pho in the Box owner, Alvin Inthasone, said after a third break-in, he couldn't afford to close up shop again for repairs. (NBC 5 photo/Tahera Rahman)

The crimes have also brought a sense of fear for his own safety.

“I don’t feel safe, you know? When I go home, I worry about my business breaking down again," Inthasone said. “If they could do this, they could do this to me, right?"

Keller Police said they have a lead on a potential suspect and that these crimes seem to be targeted but, so far, evidence does not suggest they are hate crimes.

"You’re really pretty upset that someone would do this to a local business owner, someone who works six days a week here, probably seven days a week," Ryckman said.

He and Smith hope neighbors keep showing up in greater numbers to help the man who is always willing to help others.

“I’m just a superfan, right? I don’t work here," Smith said.

“I give all my heart, all my thank you for the community, all their support," said Inthasone, who has also started a Go Fund Me page to help pay for repairs.

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