I-20 Cash Grab May Lead to Trouble

Motorists who thought they struck it rich when money flew out of an armored car and onto a highway have been returning what they took, a police official said Sunday.

An undisclosed amount of money escaped onto Interstate 20 in Weatherford on Friday when the passenger-side door of a Brinks truck accidentally opened, slowing traffic to a crawl.

Motorist Joel Aldridge said he saw other drivers stop in the middle of the road and get out to collect the cash, leaving their doors open.

"At first, I thought there had been a wreck or something, and then I noticed this one guy with two handfuls of cash, like he was carrying a basketball or something," Aldridge said.

Weatherford police spokesman Cmdr. Chris Crawford said Friday that detectives would look into pursuing criminal charges against people who don't return the money. Those who had cash were asked to call the Weatherford police department to arrange to return it.

"The money belongs to Brinks, and we are hoping that people's integrity outweighs their greed," Crawford said. "As of right now, most of the money has not been returned. Officers have talked to a couple of people, and they have returned the money.

Tammy Payne, a Weatherford police dispatcher, said Sunday that people had been returning the cash.

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