Hutchison Pressing Hot Button Issue in Latest Jab at Perry

Kay Bailey Hutchison's gubernatorial campaign is hoping the Trans-Texas Corridor will lead her to the Governor's Mansion.

Hutchison's campaign is asking GOP rival Governor Rick Perry if he still supports the Trans-Texas Corridor. Perry has been an vocal proponent of the TTC in the past.

The TTC was a multi-billion dollar plan to build toll roads, rail lines and highways across Texas. The TTC was also a hot button issue with conservative voters, many opposing the project for various reason. The Texas Department of Transportation said the project is dead, but Perry told reporters it's alive and well, but the project's name has changed.

Hutchison now has a clock on her campaign Web site, counting the time it takes for Perry to denounce his support for the TTC. But Perry's campaign staff brushed off Hutchison's latest barb, calling it "another Washington gimmick".

"The Trans-Texas Corridor was done away with in January. If you're asking is the Governor is going to continue building roads in Texas, the answer is yes." said Mark Miner, a member of Perry's re-election campaign." Does the Senator want to stop building roads?" asked Miner.

Hutchison is sure to bring up the point again, when she'll be in Irving on Friday at a transportation summit.

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