Hutchison: No Special Session If I Was Gov

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison hasn't declared her candidacy for Texas governor. But she's already telling reporters what her administration would be doing if she was in Gov. Rick Perry's shoes.

Hutchison told the Dallas Morning News that if she was in charge, the Legislature wouldn't be meeting for a special session.

Hutchison told DMN reporter Todd Gillman that she "would be hands-on, working hard through the session, and I would be working with the Legislature, which is what I think the governor should do."

Perry's campaign spokesman told NBCDFW that Hutchison's statements are "more Washington rhetoric."

As the governor was working with the Legislature to pass a balanced budget that reduces general revenue spending, cut taxes for small businesses and protect private property rights, the senator was silent, much like she has been for her 16 years in Washington," he said.

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