Hurst Residents Clean Up After Tuesday's Storms

Residents, street crews and power companies spent Wednesday morning cleaning up from a severe thunderstorm that hit the Mid-Cities Tuesday night.

In Hurst, a large Cottonwood tree came crashing down on top of three cars near Texas 10 and Loop 820.

Jason Davis said he and his family were watching the trees across the street when they noticed the wind pushing the tree next door around before knocking it onto two of Davis' three cars.

"The two cars on the left hand side of the driveway, they’re totaled, not repairable," he said.

Tree limbs could also be seen throughout the area south and east of Northeast Mall.

"Sounded like something, like maybe a flower pot blowing over on the sidewalk," Hurst resident Gary King said. "Looked out the window and no it wasn’t a flower pot."

King said the winds were howling and sent one of his own trees crashing into the windshield of his truck. He spent the morning trimming some of the branches so his driveway would be accessible.

Elsewhere in Hurst, trees could be seen leaning into houses and power lines. Thousands were left without power throughout the night. As of 10 a.m. Oncor showed roughly 750 customers without power in the Hurst ZIP code.

While Davis and King deal with insurance companies and getting someone out to clean up the trees, more storms could likely roll in Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

"I don’t think it’s going to get any worse for us," Davis said. "I mean, let’s not speculate on that one."

No injuries were reported in Hurst Tuesday.

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