Hurst Police Release 911 Calls in 3-Year-Old's Death

Child's death ruled homicide

Hurst police on Monday released the 911 calls made about a 3-year-old girl who died of an assault last week.

Police say the father of Anastasia Williams found the girl unresponsive in her bedroom on Friday afternoon and called 911 from a neighbor's apartment. According to the autopsy report, she died of a cut to the liver due to blunt trauma to the abdomen.

"My daughter, she's sick," her father told the 911 operator. "Can you hurry up and send someone over here?"

The operator responded: "Sir, I need to know what's going on. What do you mean, your daughter is sick?"

"She's sick," the father said.

The operator continued to ask questions. Police say she was following the proper protocol.

"OK, sir, I'm getting them on the way, but I need you to look and see -- is her chest rising and falling?" the operator said.

The call disconnected when the dispatcher was about to guide the father through CPR.

Police responded to the apartment four minutes later.

When 911 called back, the neighbor picked up the phone.

"Yes, ya'll need to send someone to that man's rescue with a 3-year-old child," the neighbor said. "I am his neighbor. I don't know him. He knocked on my door, I answered the--"

The operator then told her that help was on the way.

"Ma'am, if we have another problem with 911 and somebody dies, I'll personally take y'all out, and that's real," the neighbor said.

The autopsy report ruled that Williams' injury was not accidental but was the result of an assault. Police said earlier Monday that investigators had yet to determine when the deadly hit occurred.

The police department said that because Monday was a county holiday, investigators have not yet been able to discuss the autopsy results the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office.

A man who identified himself as Williams' father spoke with NBC 5 on Monday morning but did not provide his name when he answered the door.

Police are not calling him a suspect, so his name has not been released.

The father said he was grief-stricken over his daughter's death, calling it "unexplainable." He said he did not know how the trauma to Williams' abdomen occurred.

"No, we don't. And at the moment, that's all I got to say right now. Thank you," he said.

NBC 5's Jeff Smith contributed to this report.

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