Kris Gutierrez

Hurricane Harvey: One Year After The Storm

It's been one year since Hurricane Harvey came ashore and dumped record amounts of rain across Southeast Texas.

A lot of progress has been made, but some people still haven't returned to their homes.

"I'm going to stick it out," joked Rosalea Nall. "I'm definitely going to stick it out."

At 82-years-old, Nall is still struggling to recover after the storm.

"I lost everything," she said. "All that was left was 2x4s."

She's lived in her house for nearly 50 years.

"I've been through about four or five of these, but this is the first time I have ever flooded inside the house," she added.

She doesn't have insurance and the costs to re-build keep adding up. Her social security checks just can't cover things.

"Initially FEMA put me in a hotel," she said.

But that help ended four months ago.

"I didn't have any place to go," she said. "So I just got in my car and I came back here."

And she sat in her empty house until neighbors started asking questions.

"They said we're sorry, but we had no idea you flooded and no idea that you were here," she added.

That's when complete strangers went to work.

Over the last month, Nall watched her home take shape.

"Now, the whole house is insulated," she said with a smile. "The whole house has been sheet-rocked."

And she's not done yet.

"There's no sense in me running," she added. "I have to accept this and do whatever I can on a day to day basis to get back to a normal life. God said there's many tests and trials along the road and you can either become bitter or you can become a better person."

A Go Fund me account has been set up to help Nall cover the costs of rebuilding.

The city of Pearland approached Nall with an offer to buy her house, but she refused.

"This will always be home," she said.

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