Hurricane Harbor to Open Banzai Pipeline, New Four-Story Waterslide Complex

The Banzai Pipeline features three separate body slides shooting riders down 300 feet.

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As families plan out their first full summer without full pandemic restrictions, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is preparing for a very busy season.

Starting Friday, May 28, the theme park will be open at full capacity every single day until mid-August to accommodate the high demand for fun.

At the same time, a new four-story waterslide complex will make its big debut on Saturday, May 29.

The Banzai Pipeline features three separate body slides shooting riders down 300 feet of rushing water.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

"Our green open air tube is for our smaller guests looking for a little slower of an experience. But it's still fun with twists and turns all the way down to the splash,” said Brad Malone, a spokesperson for Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. “But if you're a thrill seeker, you definitely want to check our enclosed purple and orange tube slides.”

Each slide has a different thrill level, with the hardest slides featuring a huge drop at the end.

"You can start off on the green slide and see what it's like and work your way up the braver that you get,” Malone said. "Our enclosed tube slides also feature a luminescent strobe light design, so it looks like a strobe light is going off while you're going down the slide."

The minimum height requirement to ride the Banzai Pipeline is 40 inches.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

As you plan your visit to the park, keep in mind that some protocols at the park have changed.

Reservations are no longer required. You can now get your ticket at the gate but patrons are encouraged to purchase in advance online to avoid the lines.

Masks are not required if you're vaccinated but if you're not vaccinated, you'll have to mask up in public areas.

"We do not require any type of vaccine card. We do go by the honor system so if you've been fully vaccinated, you are welcome to take off your mask,” said Malone. "We also still have our clean team that's in place and we have hand sanitizing locations throughout the park."

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