Fort Worth

Hundreds of Cub Scouts Brave Below-Freezing Weather

Friday was the perfect night to stay indoors in North Texas, but a lot of people were doing just the opposite. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

About 300 Cub Scouts and their parents camped out in 20-degree temperatures at Sid Richardson Scout Camp in Wise County.

“This is a scouting tradition. Scouts are supposed to be prepared,” said parent Ian Norfolk, of Cub Scout Pack 4077 in Fort Worth.

The gathering is part of a rain-or-shine retreat called Cub-O.

For 8-year-old Brody Hurt, roughing it could come with rewards.

“When it snows and we sleep overnight then we get our polar bear patch,” he said, as he assembled his tent.

The packs relied on a campfire, portable heaters, heavy blankets and body heat to keep warm.

“My mom has two sleeping bags that she'll zip together, and then my brother Quinn, we'll both get in that together,” said Bre Norfold.

Cub-O runs through the weekend. Organizers expect 1,200 Cub Scouts to camp out Saturday night.

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