Hundreds of Cheerleaders to Cheer for Rival School After Deadly Crash

"We're just a big cheer family. Even though we don't always cheer for the same team, we're still together"

A squad of hundreds of cheerleaders from across Texas are traveling to Abilene in a show of spirit and solidarity.

Last week, a bus filled with cheerleaders from Iraan High School was involved in a crash that left one of the group’s sponsors dead and seven others injured.

“When my coach told me about it, I was really heartbroken,” Sam Houston High School cheerleader Victoria Limon said.

Now cheerleaders, including many from North Texas, will travel to Abilene to cheer for Iraan during their playoff game as the school heals from the aftermath of the deadly accident.

“We’re going to support them at their playoff game since their cheerleaders can’t be there,” Bowie High School cheerleader Alexis Brackens said. “We’re going to support them and just give good vibes out there.”

“We’re just a big cheer family. Even though we don’t always cheer for the same team, we’re still together,” Martin High School cheerleader Katherine Griffith said.

Arlington ISD stepped up to help out the school, sending cheerleaders from Bowie, Sam Houston and Martin high schools.

“It’s sad that they lost one of their own,” Brackens said. “I feel if we lost anyone on our team or that situation happened to us, we’d want other people to come support us and just give good spirits.”

From 200 to 500 cheerleaders from all over Texas are expected to attend the game in support of the school and their fellow cheerleaders.

“I think there is going to be a lot of emotions going around because it’s such a small town,” Limon said. “They’re all going to feel it right in their hearts, but we’re there to bring their spirits up as cheerleaders and pump the crowd and try to lead them on to their victory.”

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