Hundreds of Cars Speed Through Keller Subdivisions

Study finds that 700 to 1,600 cars daily speed through neighborhoods

Keller residents are asking the city for ways to curb speeding drivers who cut through their neighborhoods.

Homeowners say drivers speed through a handful of subdivisions between Rufe Snow Drive and Keller-Smithfield Road instead of taking the major roads that connect them.

"If a child runs out into the road and someone is driving through this neighborhood at 35 miles an hour, there is no way they can react in time," said Jim Cheshire, who lives in The Keys Addition subdivision.

A city study of The Keys Addition and three other subdivisions found that most drivers speed, going 10 mph faster than the limit.

The study also found that 700 to 1,600 cars daily pass through the neighborhoods. Most are trying to avoid construction, such as on nearby Rufe Snow Drive, or avoid a long wait to turn left onto it because there is no good east-west corridor.

Cheshire said the speeders make it unsafe for children.

"Several times, parents have had hearts skipping a beat because some car is driving fast through the neighborhood and the kids are maybe standing on the side of the road and just don't see it," he said.

A majority of the homeowners who live at Danbury Parks want to make their subdivision a gated community. But the city says all of the homeowners have to sign off on it before it would be allowed because the roads would become private and the sole responsibility of the homeowners.

The study has a list of suggestions for the neighborhood and how to decongest the major arteries around them. The City Council is in the middle of getting feedback from all neighborhoods before approving any.

Keller hopes the Rufe Snow Drive expansion will help alleviate congestion and help keep cars out of the neighborhoods once it is finished.

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