Hill County

Hundreds of Animals Rescued From ‘Debilitating, Deplorable' Conditions in Hill County

The organization said it is in need of funding to help provide care for the hundreds of pets surrendered

Humane Society of North Texas

More than 200 animals were recently rescued from "debilitating and nauseating" conditions on a Hill County property, the Humane Society of North Texas says.

The Oct. 8 rescue operation recovered 221 live animals, including 84 rabbits, 50 chickens, 22 gerbils, 21 ducks, 20 guinea hens, 9 geese, 8 guinea pigs, 4 turkeys, 2 cats, and 1 hamster. A number of dead animals were found decomposing on the dilapidated property.

"The state of the residence was deplorable with feces-coated floors, garbage everywhere, and other forms of debris piled inside the residence and in the yard," HSNT said in a news release issued Monday. "Outside, small pools of water were found with dark green, grossly discolored stagnant water contaminated with fecal matter. Inside a barn on the property, multiple metal cages without flooring were hanging from the ceiling by rope, housing rabbits–both alive and deceased. The smell was debilitating and nauseating, permeating the air before entering the areas where pets were enclosed."

Photos provided by the HSNT showed a tangled mess of metal cages scattered around the property. Its exact location was not revealed in the organization's news release.

The animals that were alive were being cared for at the organization's facilities in Fort Worth and Joshua, and will soon be available for adoption.

“It’s disturbing to say the least, when the Humane Society of North Texas is called out by law officials to remove innocent pets from such unworthy living conditions,” said HSNT spokeswoman Cassie Davidson. “We know these pets will receive the best care now that they are safe from their inhumane environment. Together, we can be the change these animals so desperately deserve.” 

The organization said it is in need of funding to help provide care for the hundreds of pets surrendered. Medical staff will provide treatment while shelter staff and volunteers will work to evaluate and socialize the animals.

Visit HSNT’s website to view currently available small pets.

The HSNT said law enforcement officials were involved in the rescue but did not say whether charges were filed.