Meredith Yeomans

Hundreds Attend Memorial for Plano Mother, Two Sons

About 2,000 people gathered to say their final goodbyes to a Plano mother and her two sons Tuesday.

Memorial services were held at Prestonwood Baptist Church for 45-year-old Stacy Fawcett, 17-year-old Josiah Utu and 19-year-old McCann Utu Jr.

“I know McCann, Josiah and Stacy are in heaven,” McCann Utu Sr. said.

How the family spent their final moments alive has left loved ones with questions.

McCann is suspected of stabbing his mother and brother inside their Plano apartment on Friday before stabbing himself.

For Fawcett’s brother, Scott, there is no doubt as to why the tragedy happened.

“Two concussions. Period,” Scott Fawcett said. “McCann was an amazing young man and then he suffered a concussion and then very soon after that he suffered another one.”

He said McCann was never the same and believes brain damage may have triggered the violence.

“For every parent who has a child in any sports, I ask you to think about how can we make changes? How can we protect our precious children who love sports but suffer these terrible head injuries,” McCann Utu Sr. said during the ceremony.

Despite the tragedy, they're remembered as a tight-knit, fun-loving family.

Josiah was a junior and football player at Plano West High School.

McCann was a basketball player during his time at the school.

Fawcett was a vibrant TV personality and cook.

“I've never met a more determined person,” Fawcett’s mother, Lynn Croft, said.

Scott Fawcett said McCann's brain will be donated and researched for signs of Chronic Traumatic Encephlopathy, or CTE.

He said he hopes doing so will help prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

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