Funeral Held for Shavon Randle, More Warrants Issued

Shavon Randle, 13, died from multiple gunshot wounds, the Dallas County Medical Examiner said Friday

Police expect more arrests in the case of Shavon Randle, a North Texas 13-year-old who was killed because of stolen drugs she had nothing to do with.

Eight new warrants pertaining to Randle's case were filed Friday night, police said. One warrant included a new suspect and another was for cell phone records.

The city cannot provide the names of the people named in the warrants until Monday, a spokesperson for the Lancaster Police Department said. 

Randle was laid to rest Saturday after a funeral at Friendship West Baptist Church. Loved ones gathered Saturday at the church to pay respects to the young victim and support her family.

"I am just so heartbroken by the whole situation and it’s heart-wrenching, it’s devastating, all of that summed up into one. I'm not a mother, but all I could do is imagine, I couldn't even imagine how hurt she is," said family friend Asha Owens about Randle’s mother.

Randle died from multiple gunshot wounds, the Dallas County Medical Examiner said Friday.

She was found inside an abandoned house in Dallas on Sunday, July 2, four days after Lancaster police issued an Amber Alert for her.

Police believe she was kidnapped in retaliation to a drug theft two days before she was reported missing.

Five people are in custody facing a variety of charges related to Randle's disappearance.

Michael Titus, who at one time was considered a person of interest, was found shot to death with Randle. His funeral was also held Saturday at a church near the house where their bodies were found.

So far, no one has been charged with the murders of Randle or Titus.

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