Dallas Police Department

Hundreds Attend Festival in Dallas Neighborhood

Dallas police are fighting back against the increase in violent crime.

The results are starting to show.

It was evident during the first-ever Forest Audelia Community Festival on Forest Lane which is considered one of the city's most violent neighborhoods.

A few hundred people showed up for the festival which included face-painting, a bounce house, vendors and musical performances.

It’s an event that would never have happened a few months ago, when the area saw a spike in drugs and violent crime.

Shokee Clay’s son, Taydren Young, was murdered not far from where the festival took place back on March 17.

“If it’s one person, one kid, one life, anybody that I can touch so that they don’t end up this way, I’m down for anything I can do to help,” Clay said.

In March, the Dallas Police Department launched a violent crimes task force, targeting five of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city, including Forest Audelia.

Since then Dallas Deputy Chief Andy Acord says crime in the Forest Audelia area has decreased 13 percent.

“It's gotten a lot better,” mother Brittany Tucker said.

“I can actually go to the store without being asked if I want to buy some drugs,” grandmother Yolanda Bradford said.

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