Stop Asian Hate

Hundreds Attend Dallas Rally Calling for Change and an End to Asian Hate

The rally was organized by an Asian American North Texan calling for change

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A 'Stop Asian Hate' rally was held in Dallas Saturday. Organizers called for support and understanding during the event.

A large group of people chanted as one - their outrage over anti-Asian racism and violence written on the signs they held. 

“It’s important that Asians, brown folks, Black folks, indigenous folks come together, but it’s also really important that white folks come together to end white supremacy,” said Amy Tran-Calhoun, who attended the rally.  

They’re fighting for solidarity, and asking white Americans to do more. 

“Stop asking Blacks and browns and other people of color what is the solution? What are you telling your kids around the table?” said rally attendee Joe Tave.  

“It’s important for me, from a point of white privilege, to be able to stand out here with my brothers and sisters and just be a voice,” said Susie Hess, Vice President of the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas.  

A powerful moment came when a speaker read the names of the victims in the Atlanta-area spa shootings. 

Organizer, Jonas Park, wanted the rally to be speaker-driven. 

“There will be no emcee. Each speaker will be introducing each other, so kind of community building,” Park said.  

Park calls himself “an accidental activist,” saying he’s experienced racism first-hand as a Korean American. He knew he couldn’t stay silent, and wanted to find a way to do more through community activism.  

“That’s how communities solve problems. We stop, we come together, we listen to one another. We don’t just speak. I’m here to listen, and learn,” said Hess.  

Many people plan to continue the work done Saturday through their Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community groups and organizations.  

There were other rallies calling for an end to Asian hate that were held in North Texas Saturday. 

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