Humane Society of North Texas

Humane Society Continues to Work With Medical Officials to Control Distemper Cases

The Humane Society had been dealing with a possible outbreak since late June and are working with medical officials to further prevent the spread


The Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) has confirmed several cases of the highly contagious disease in their Fort Worth shelter.

HSNT has teamed with the head of the University of Florida Shelter Medicine Program among other national industry leaders to help care for and deal with the spread in their shelter.

Their efforts to prevent the spread are not just isolated to puppies and have confirmed cases in adult and senior dogs. According to HSNT, the cases could've been preventable if dogs were vaccinated.

"Regardless of us vaccinating upon entry, if a dog or puppy has never been vaccinated they could be carriers of this virus," says HSNT. "We are treating in place. Our intake is closed until further notice."

HSNT asks for donations to cover the cost of testing and care.

The clinic remains open. It is in a separate building and there is no distemper danger there.

"We need donations, blankets, towels - anything helps support our cause. We simply can not afford to risk their lives any further until we have several negative tests and this virus has cleared our shelters."

The Humane Society of North Texas says people can help by dropping off blankets and towels at any HSNT location (not the PetSmarts) or monetary donations can be made on HSNT's website.

For more information on distemper visit the HSNT website.

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