How to See What You Want on Facebook

We all do it. Scroll through that Facebook feed and ponder what we click; your sister's 50th picture today of her new dog, the poll that tells you which state to live in or your uncle's latest political rant.

"It tries to figure out what you like and don't like. It tries to figure out your interest," said Daniel Sontag of the NBC 5 Marketing team.

Just because you like NBC 5's page, sometime Facebook thinks you'd rather see your sister's new canine more than the latest headlines or severe weather on the way.

What's it thinking? There is a way to make sure you see the news first.

"All you have to do is go to the following tab and click 'see first'. Every time we post a new story on Facebook we'll be on the top of the feed, so it's not like if I do this I'm going to have a million stories from NBC 5. It's only the newest content from our facebook page," said Sontag.

He fixed up my Facebook page and boom, I was in business.

You see at the top of the timeline NBC DFW is at the top. You're not getting old stories you're getting new stories. So your timeline is not getting cluttered with all our content you're getting new up-to-date content.

It's just another tool to optimize your device to make sure you're seeing all we have to offer. So check it out and connect with us.

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