How to Save on Your Water Bill This Summer

Water bills shoot up this time of year as we're watering lawns and caring for pools, but Dallas Water Utilities has tips on how you can help keep your bills low.

Randall Payton, one of the directors at Dallas Water Utilities, says his organization works hard to make sure your water bill has no mistakes.

"Water meters are generally accurate between 99 percent and 100 percent," he said.

Payton says if you don't trust your meter is doing its job, his workers will come to your home and test it, but typically he says they find the problem is a leak — and one you can easily find on your own.

"They can simply go outside and do an inspection in their yard and look for wet spots during the summer months," Payton said.

He says leaks can waste hundreds of gallons of water, running up your bill in no time.

They see many leaks associated with sprinkler systems that are leaking and homeowners have no idea. But not all leaks are on your lawn.

They say to check all your toilets and all your faucets, and that slow drips can exist anywhere and run up your bill — sending your dollars down the drain.

While we're on that subject, you can significantly lower your water bill by getting rid of many water-guzzling toilets and faucets around your home. Newer models can use less than half the water of some older commodes.

If you don't think you can afford a new toilet, Dallas Water Utilities says the city has a program that will buy you one. The city started the program to reduce water consumption and reports some homes have had water usage drop 26 percent after getting the new toilets.

An even bigger water saver is dishwashers. A $250 energy-efficient dishwasher will save you a little more than $400 a year on your water bill.

Some cities even charge you more per gallon if you use a lot of water. So taking every opportunity you can to cut back can really save you money.

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