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How to Protest Your Tax Appraisal District Assessments

Experts advise homeowners to prepare with data-driven examples and evidence if they hope to lower their property tax assessments

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As the housing market continues to explode, so are property tax assessments arriving in North Texas mailboxes.

"The main thing that you need to do is just protest,” Chandler Crouch Realtors broker Chandler Crouch said. “I don't care what the numbers are. I don't care if it's the same as last year."

Crouch offers free appraisal protesting help in Tarrant County. 

He said protesting works because appraisal districts will often negotiate settlements before a hearing.

But still, you should get your evidence ready.

"If you purchased your property in the last 24 months get your settlement statements, get your closing documents, that's going to be the best evidence," Crouch said.

Also, be prepared to defend the condition of your home being less than the assessment increase.

"So if you go take photos of condition issues with your house and get repair estimates from a contractor that things need to be fixed up and the house is devalued and not in great condition then those are things the appraisal district can use to justify a reduction in your value," Crouch said.

Crouch also suggested you request evidence the tax appraisal district will use against you so you can research it and argue against it.

You should ask a realtor for comps in your area to do your own comparisons.

Also, appeal hearings are public. Go observe a hearing so you know what to expect before you are in front of the board.

A little effort could pay off in the long run.

"Do it in the most respectful, data-driven, data-supported way you can and if you take that approach you can win, and believe it or not the success rate is higher than you might think if you take the right steps," Crouch said.

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