How To Protect Your Home Foundation Today

Shifting and cracking foundations are a common issue here in North Texas, causing homeowners lots of costly problems.

Many people immediately think "it's my builder's fault" if they see cracks in their home. But with the way Texas soil works, sometimes problems can be inevitable.

However there are things we can do to help prevent the nasty cracks and damage and it all comes down to keeping your soil moisturized. So here's what you can start doing today:

  • Pay close attention to your foundation by walking around your house. Check to see if there is a gap between the foundation and the soil. If there is, that means the soil is dried out and could cause you some problems. You should water the ground frequently until that gap closes.
  • Also consider buying a soaker hose. This can help ensure the foundation is watered evenly on all sides of the house.
  • But if this all seems like too much, you can invest in an irrigation system. Experts say it'll do some of the hard work for you
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