How to Maximize Hotel Bidding Sites to Get the Best Price

Bidding for hotels may not be new to you.

Priceline lets you pick where you want to stay. Whether you're interested in a budget friendly one-star or the fanciest of five-star hotels, you get to name your own price.

And you only get one shot, or do you?

"Failed!" It's such a harsh word, but it's the reality if you bid too low for that hotel you want on Priceline.

You don't get another shot for 24 hours unless you're willing to make a change like stay another day or in a lower quality room.

But there are ways to bid again without changing a thing. It's not a cheat, rather doing some research.

Step one: Before you tell the website what star level you want, click one city at a time. Priceline will gray out four-star hotels in areas where they don't exist.

That's valuable information when your first bid fails.

For example, if I tell Priceline I'm willing to stay in a four-star hotel in downtown Dallas, or a four-star hotel in Euless, knowing there really isn't one there, it gives me another shot to bid where I really want to be.

By adding Euless, I can raise the bid again, and I can keep doing it by adding those cities that were grayed-out for not having four-star hotels. In some cases it gives you five or more tries.

There's more.

Websites like "Better Bidding" and "Bidding for Travel" can help. People post what amount they bid, if they won, and what hotel they got. It helps give you an idea of where to start and where you might wind up.

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