How to Get Stores to Honor Online Deals, After Inventory Runs Out

Ever see a deal online, but get to the store only to get disappointed?
NBC 5 Responds helped a Mineral Wells woman, in this situation get the deal she was promised.

Cecilia Staten wanted to get something nice for a family members baby shower and jumped at a offer for $100 off a baby monitor.

The deal was only good for in-store pickup so she drove 45 minutes to a Babies"R"Us that had the monitor in stock.

She got there, it wasn't actually in stock and her online order had been canceled.

The store manager stepped in and helped her place the order online again with the same discount. He even added free 3-day shipping. 

Staten never got the monitor though, nor an email confirmation of the order the manager placed.

By the time the monitor was back in stock, the deal was expired.

Staten called NBC 5 Responds and we contacted Babies"R"Us' owner, Toys"R"Us.

They quickly told us they would make it right and gave Staten $100 off the monitor plus an extra 20 percent off because of the inconvenience.

They say the manager entered Staten's email address wrong and the monitor was just out of stock.

Next time you're trying to hunt down a deal, don't rely on the inventory numbers listed online - they're often not accurate.

Call and ask someone to physically locate the product and set it aside while you drive there.

If a store promises to help you take advantage of a deal make sure you have a copy of the paperwork, and take screen shots of everything, so you have proof in case something goes wrong.

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