How the Heck Do You Pronounce Rio Vista?

Thanks for weighing in North Texas, you were right

Last night's coverage of the storms in Johnson County started a conversation in our newsroom, on social media and via emails --  how do you pronounce Rio Vista? Is it Rye-o or Ree-o?

The answer is, it depends who you ask. 

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We called Johnson County dispatchers who handle emergency services for the area and the response was, "Pronounced Rye-o Vista. Some in town say Ree-o, but the most acceptable pronunciation is Rye-o."

During our live coverage last night we had Jamie Moore with Johnson County Emergency Management on the phone, he even used both pronunciations.

And NBC 5 Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock even weighed in on the controversy -- pointing to a generational gap.

David by the way says he was told Rye-o Vista by the late Harold Taft, however he switched to the Ree-o Vista pronunciation in recent years.

So, as we promised many viewers last night via email, we made a call to Rio Vista City Hall to get the answer.

Your Hail Photos – April 26, 2015

We got Mayor Pro Tem Jay Futrell on the phone and asked him to settle the argument on the pronunciation of the town.

We swear we heard a snicker before he answered, "It's Ree-Oh Vista." He mentioned that some "old timers" say Rye-oh but he says it's Ree-oh.

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So it's settled, Rio Vista like Rio Grande and Rio de Janeiro.

Now let's not talk about Italy y'all, that's a whole other conversation!

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