How Many Days Over 100 This Summer? Take a Guess

Following up on a challenge by meteorologists Grant Johnston and Samantha Davies, all of NBC 5's Weather Experts are going public with a guess of how many days at 100 or above we'll see this year.

First, we armed our Weather Experts with a little statistical information.

On average there are 18 days at or above 100 degrees at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport -- the official reporting station for North Texas. Last summer was a mild one with only 10 days that hit the triple digits.

The worst summer of all time was in 2014 when there were 71 days recorded at or above 100 degrees.

NBC 5's team of Weather Experts think this summer will end up being pretty average. An average of their guesses works out to be 24.5 days -- which by most accounts is a pretty "normal" summer.

Over at Telemundo 39, Chief Meteorologist Nestor Flecha and meteorologists Alexis Orengo and Pablo Sanchez picked 29, 21 and 25 days, respectively.

Deborah Ferguson, co-host of NBC 5 Today, picked the fewest 100-degree days with nine.

So far this year there have been only three days with temperatures at or above the century mark. Do you have a guess?  Leave it in the comments below.

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