How Jason Garrett’s Dad Influenced His Coaching Career

Garrett was named NFL Coach of the Year in 2016

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Jason Garrett is entering his eighth season as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, Garrett has been coaching with the organization since 2007. He was the assistant head coach and offensive coordinator before taking over the reins as head coach during the 2010 season.

Coaching runs in his bloodline.

Garrett’s father, Jim Garrett, knows a thing or two about the world of coaching. He was an assistant coach with the New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, Cleveland Browns and the head coach of the Houston Texans of the World Football league in 1974. The elder Garrett also served as a scout for the Cowboys from 1987 to 2004. Football was life in the Garrett household.

“He absolutely loves football,” said Garrett about his father. “He was a football coach for a long time. Somehow, someway he transferred that, not by anything that he said but just because of how he was. He was just so passionate about it and we saw that and we were drawn to it. My brothers and I all played and we all coached. We just absolutely love the game.”

That passion has now translated in watching the younger Garrett do the coaching. The former Cowboys quarterback talks to his father after almost every game.

“He’s such an enthusiastic person and he’s such a positive person,” said Garrett. “He’s always so encouraging and he always has been. He usually has very astute observations about the game. Obviously he’s not with us every day understanding the ins and outs of what we are trying to get accomplished but the way he sees the game is usually right on point.”

It wasn’t just Jason Garrett that eventually followed in his father’s footsteps. John Garrett was the tight ends coach for the Cowboys and now is the head coach at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. Judd Garrett was the tight ends coach for the Los Angeles Rams and now works as the director of advance scouting for the Cowboys. The Garrett siblings heard all of their father’s stories from his coaching days, sometimes more than once. However, those stories never got old.

“He’s the greatest storyteller ever,” Garrett replied with a smile. “He’s a 10-time major league all-star and I’m rookie ball in terms of the storytelling.” 

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