House Speaker Ryan, U.S. Rep. Sessions in Dallas to Tout Tax Reform

House Speaker Paul Ryan was in North Texas Monday, joined by U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Dallas) to tout the benefits tax reform have had on the area. The two visited a third-generation, Dallas-based small business that opened in 1950 called Manda Machine Company.

Co-owner Andy Ellard took Ryan and Sessions on a tour of the facility that employs 15 people. Those 15 are just not enough anymore though, as Ellard is looking for people who want to work. He said he will even train them.

Ellard said business is doing very well and he gave much of the credit to the American Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that President Donald Trump signed in December 2017, a move Democrats have been openly skeptical about.

He said since then, his business has been able to make such moves as purchasing expensive equipment that now makes them more attractive to do business with. He said new deals with big companies like aerospace giant Boeing are all because those companies are not outsourcing as much to other countries. Instead, they are seeing his company, right in their backyard, as a viable option.

Ellard said it wasn't just about the business relationships though.

"I have been able to give my employees raises and purchase equipment that keeps us competitive in the market place," Ellard said.

Ryan and Sessions touted the progress and success of Manda Machine as proof that the tax breaks for small businesses are working.

"No city or region has benefited more from the tax cuts than Dallas, Texas and North Texas," Sessions said. "It is because we have become the destination point."

Ryan's appearance Monday was possibly indicative of how close the congressional race for District 32 is expected to be this November.

"Pete Sessions is a leader in the House who will make sure that small businesses like Manda are not forgotten," Ryan said.

In response to Monday's visit, Sessions' challenger, civil rights attorney and Democrat Colin Allred released this statement:

"It's not surprising that Speaker Ryan is parachuting into Dallas to prop up Congressman Sessions, after Sessions helped push Washington's tax bill that gives massive handouts to corporate special interests while blowing a $1.9 trillion hole in the deficit. And now, as they're out raising money together, Washington Republicans are already planning ways to cut Social Security and Medicare in order to paper over some of the $1.9 trillion in damage they've done. This Washington thank you note is just more evidence Congressman Sessions has lost touch with our community, and families here in North Texas are ready for a representative who will put all of us ahead of special interest groups and campaign donors."

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