House Speaker Joe Straus Speaks in McKinney

House Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) was in McKinney today for a Legislative Wrap up lunch. He thanked the members of the business community who spoke out against a bathroom bill in Texas, saying the state avoided a major mistake.

“The business community came to the table, and the business community made a real difference. Now is not the time to get up from your seats,” said Straus.

He told the group to stay involved legislatively, and during elections.

“But none of us can let our guard down. If we are going to compete for the best jobs, give our children great opportunities, we have to prioritize the big and the consequential over the petty and the polarizing. It’s time, it’s actually past time, to put our best foot forward to show we are up to the challenges of a growing population and a global economy. If we continue to spend so much time talking about bathroom bills or whatever manufactured issue comes up next, we’re in danger of surrendering our well-earned reputation as a pro business and a pro-growth state,” said Straus.

Straus has been speaker since 2009. But he faces an early challenge from Rep. Phil King of Weatherford. Straus reiterated today he plans to run again.

“ It wasn’t my life’s ambition to serve as Speaker of the Texas house, but things as you recall, 9 or 10 years ago happened and my number was called. And because I have had an outstanding team around me we have had some success. And I think today I continue to have the support of the members, and we will work to continue to have their support. And I am also very confident that I have, just as importantly, the support of the community back home who has elected me to the house time after time. So I won’t do this forever. It just may feel that way to some people,” he added.

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