Temps Top 105 During Hottest Day Of The Year

Hottest day of the year didn't mean North Texans would be staying indoors


The hottest day of the year didn't mean North Texans would be staying indoors.  Temperatures topped 105 degrees in some places on Saturday.

The accessories to have at a Gospel concert in Oak Cliff  -- an umbrella and a bottle of water. 

"We got plenty of free water for everyone and we're encouraging everyone to drink fluids, stay hydrated to protect themselves and stay in the shade." said Pastor Bryan Carter of Concord Church, the organizer of the Gospel concert.

But even with all the precautions the triple digit heat didn't sit well with a few.

"We had two people and one police officer that had to deal with some heat stress and so they were treated by the medical professionals," said Pastor Carter.

Runners at a track meet in Southlake trying to beat a little more than just the heat received a lot of advice from their coaches to help them deal with running in triple digit temperatures.

"You just tell them to hydrate and drink plenty of fluids through the day.  All these tents we have out here to try and get them to stay in the shade," said Southlake cross country coach Justin Leonard.

While track runners in Southlake hoped for a little cool down, business was booming in downtown Fort Worth for those selling something ice cold while the heat was on.

"This is great today," said Khalil Lalani, owner of Marble Slab Ice Cream.  "Its been an amazing week.  Its been so hot.  104, 106 and people come in from 10 o'clock in the morning until 1 o'clock in the morning."

It's just the relief some needed.

"It's probably like 104, but with the ice cream it brings it down to like 89," said Fort Worth resident Bet Kirkland.

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