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Hoping to Hire the Best, Carrollton Police Start Early

When it comes to recruiting and hiring talented police officers, the market has never been more competitive. In DFW, most departments consider recruitment a year-round job, often looking outside the state and even region for the best possible recruits.

But in Carrollton, Police Chief Derrick Miller is recruiting within, looking to young men and women in his community to fill the jobs of the future.

"I would like to grow our own if you will, we want our police department to look like our city," said Miller.

On Wednesday, Miller spoke to a Creekview High School law and criminal justice academy class. Among those in attendance, were four students who said they’ve already decided to become police officers.

"It's exactly what the chief said, it's a calling that you really can't put your finger on," said Junior Olivia Rodriguez.

And it’s people like Rodriguez, who are invested in the tenants of law enforcement that Miller said he hopes to attract.

Promoted last year to Carrollton Police Chief, Miller is the first chief to rise from the rank of officer. Miller said he hopes to find future officers from the community who also have their sights set on service.

"It's not a profession that someone just tries on, it has to be an innate, inherent desire to serve," said Miller.

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