Homeowners Rush to Cover Roofs Ahead of More Rain

The rush to prepare for more rain is on in north Texas, three days after nine tornadoes tore through the area.

Blue tarps could be seen covering rooftops of homes and businesses all across North Texas.

The tornado damage is widespread and extensive, impacting communities in five counties.

North Dallas area was the hardest hit with an EF-3 tornado.

With more rain expected Thursday, many feel they can't catch a break.

People spent the day scrambling to protect their homes and everything inside from more damage.

"It's not going to get done unless you do it," said David Gutierrez.

On Gutierrez's block, neighbors are helping neighbors clean up and cover up holes in their roofs.

"We were fighting that wind. It was a booger bear!" he said.

Gutierrez says he hid in his hallway during the storm then saw the aftermath.

"I went 'Oh my God,' I've never seen anything this bad before," he recalled.

Gutierrez still has a home but neighbors fear houses they've had for decades are a total loss.

"It's just one thing after another after another," he said.

For now, the priority is preserving what's left and hoping protections they've put in place hold up.

In the past 48 hours, State Farm says it's received nearly 3,000 claims.

Dallas Fire Rescue says they've determined 104 structures are destroyed, 286 have major damage, 344 have minor damage.

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