Resident Shoots Man on Porch, Then Himself: Benbrook Police

Victim and shooter knew each other

Two men are dead after a confrontation at a Benbrook home late Sunday night.

Benbrook Police say the confrontation happened around 9:30 p.m., when Robert Wrinkle refused to leave the porch of homeowner David Hunter. Wrinkle’s ex-girlfriend was visiting Hunter’s house at the time.

“The homeowner asked him to leave, from what we’ve been told, and when he refused to do so the homeowner fired a shot through the glass door,” said Cmdr. David Babcock of Benbrook Police.

A bullet hole could be clearly seen through the front glass door of the home still on early Monday, along with a semi-bloodied hat and blood on the front porch.

Police don’t believe any threats were made during the confrontation between the men through the door, but it was heated.

Wrinkle’s ex-girlfriend, who has not been identified, is the only witness to the incident. She called 911 after Wrinkle was shot. While she did that Hunter walked toward the kitchen and turned the gun on himself.

It’s the first homicide in Benbrook since October 2013. But police believe this was not a random incident.

“We don’t believe it was a situation in which a stranger just knocked at the door and the homeowner fired a round,” Cmdr. Babcock said.

Wrinkle was taken to JPS Hospital in Fort Worth, but he was pronounced dead shortly after 11 a.m. on Monday.

Hunter’s parents live across the street from his home. The family had no comment on Monday morning.

Neighbors were certainly alerted to the presence of police, fire and paramedics on Sunday night, as Winding Way in Benbrook, part of the Ridglea Country Club Estates neighborhood, is a quiet street.

“It’s very, very quiet, especially at this end of the development,” said Karen Cobb.

Cobb lives a half block from Hunter’s home, but she did not hear any gunshots on Sunday and only saw first responders arrive.

“Pretty scary because there was so many of them,” she said. “Lots of police cars and ambulances and fire trucks, and just not knowing what was going on. And then to see the police tape wrapped around the trees that was even scarier.”

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