Mom's Accused Shooter Homeless, With Lots of Guns: Police

Small arsenal of weapons found in car, storage shed, police say

A man accused of shooting a Corinth mother in the face at Fairview Park possessed a "small arsenal" of weapons, a source close to the investigation said Tuesday.

Kim Boggs was shot at about 11 a.m. Monday as she played with her 2-month-old daughter and 4-year-old son, Corinth police said.

The 36-year-old woman suffered a broken jaw and was expected to be released from Parkland Hospital soon, her sister-in-law Andrea McClure said. 

When Boggs was shot she dropped her daughter on her head, but McClure said a CAT scan shows the baby is fine.

Boggs was able to give officers a description of the suspect, and a man matching that description walked into the police station a few hours later, police said. 

William Gilmore, 50, told police he wanted to talk to officers about what happened.  He brought three hours of audiotapes on which he rambles about his anger over a years-old speeding ticket that he appealed twice, but lost each time, police said.

Investigators said Gilmore is a homeless man who owns two cars and recently lived in a storage shed and in an abandoned house in Corinth. When police searched his cars and storage shed they found 8 or 9 top-of-the-line handguns and rifles, with about 1,300 rounds of ammunition, a source close to the investigation said.

Gilmore told investigators he was from Pennsylvania, but has lived in Texas since at least 1980.
Police said Gilmore rambled and played word games during his interview with officers, and never admitted that he shot Boggs.

When Gilmore asked for a lawyer police stopped trying to interview him. Then while they got a warrant for his arrest, police said he spent his time reading a Moby Dick book, which he had brought with him. Once the arrest warrant was completed Gilmore was taken into police custody and charged with attempted murder.

Investigators said officers have not yet found a shell or bullet in the park so it will be impossible, at this point, to match any of the guns found to the gun used to shoot Boggs. 

Gilmore agreed to do an interview with NBC 5 Tuesday, but backed out once he realized there would be television cameras involved.  He said all questions concerning the shooting would be answered in court before storming out of the room. 

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