Homeless Being Turned Away from DFW Airport

DFW Airport police turned away homeless people Friday who had been sleeping at the airport

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There's new action at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to stop dozens of homeless from packing into Terminal A.

Wednesday, DFW Airport Police say they counted 130 people camped out in a hallway in the terminal.

NBC 5 reported this week how one traveler said she was threatened Tuesday by a homeless man when she got off a flight.

A passenger at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport says she was accosted Tuesday night by a barefoot homeless man who threatened to kill her.

"I tried not to make eye contact but he got real close to me and he said, 'I heard what you said, bitch. I'm going to f'ing kill you,'” said Deborah Schwan, a retired teacher in Midlothian.

Thursday, police say they warned the homeless they would no longer be allowed to stay at the airport.

Friday, police began stopping people as they exited the DART train which is how the homeless get to the airport from downtown Dallas.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has seen an influx of homeless people seeking shelter recently, and will likely see more due to impending inclement weather.

DFW Airport police were checking for employee badges or asking people about flight information.

A couple dozen people were seen being turned away.

In addition to turning people away, police say they were giving out information on where to go for shelter.

The airport issued the following statement:

"The terminal areas at DFW Airport are for people with business at the airport. That means airline passengers with valid tickets; people meeting, accompanying or assisting arriving or departing passengers; and authorized airport and airline personnel. The Airport is not equipped to serve as a shelter. DFW is working with community partners, such as the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance and City Square to relocate the homeless."

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