Home Warranty Company Leaves Couple Without Air Conditioning for Months

A Carrollton couple said their home warranty company left them without a working air conditioner for more than two months. The delays became unbearable, so they called NBC 5 Responds for back up.

Rickey Brown and Charles Cambon like to keep their house nice and cool during the summer months. 

When their air conditioner stopped working back in June, they noticed right away.

Their home warranty company, Home Warranty of America, sent a technician out a few days later.

"The compressor had shorted out and the evaporator cords needed to be replaced," Brown said.

Two weeks after the diagnosis, the couple said they were told the part would cost them $542 out of pocket, which wasn’t a problem for them. They just wanted their A/C back.

"It’s been a major inconvenience. We have three pets. I work out of my home," Cambon said.

The couple said Home Warranty of America told them they’d be contacted the next day to set up an installation date.

"No calls from them," said Brown. "We have to make the calls to find out that there’s no status update."

After weeks of living with no A/C, Brown said they were left with no choice but to move in with his in-laws.

"It’s been fun. We’ll just put it that way," Brown said.

Whenever they checked with Home Warranty of America, they said they were either told there was no update, or the part still hadn’t arrived.

"So, we’re still staying with his mother in Prosper," Brown explained.

As they approached month two of these living conditions, they couldn’t wait any longer, so they called NBC 5 Responds to step in.

We reached out to Home Warranty of America, and the company responded the next day.

The company told us, “Unfortunately in this situation the delay was due to an agent error, which we have corrected. Mr. Brown will have access to the parts necessary to fix his home’s air conditioner by no later than the end of the week. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, and will provide further training to the agent addressing this issue.”

The couple said it took the technicians a couple trips to get the A/C up and running again, but eventually, they were able to figure it out. 

They're now back in Carrollton, enjoying their own space: happy and cool, just the way they like it.

The couple said they were not charged for that $542 part.

We’ve received dozens of complaints about other home warranty companies and delayed A/C repairs.

So if you’re having a similar problem, here are Samantha Chatman's Solutions: 

  • Check your contract to see what is covered in your agreement and what’s not.
  • When you call your home warranty company, document everything and create a timeline.
  • If the delays end up being unreasonable, consider getting the repairs done on your own and send the warranty company your bill.
  • If you’re still having problems, click here.
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