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Neighbors are on edge after a man who lived on the street opened fire, killing two people, and shooting four others, including three cops.

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We’re hearing from a woman who rushed her family to a neighbor’s house when a gun battle broke out between Haltom City Police officers and a gunman Saturday night.

He lived next door to her family.

Confusion and concern filled Krstyn Rodriguez’s mind when she saw a motorcyclist go down in the street in front of her house on Diamond Oaks in Fort Worth.

She thought he’d been hit by a firework until a neighbor shouted at her where she realized he'd been shot.

“He said there’s a man with a gun, I see somebody shooting. That’s when I ran in and realized how serious it was,” says resident Kristyn Rodriguez.

A short time later, her family’s ring camera captured the shootout on the street with three officers, Corporal Zach Tabler, Officer Tim Barton and Officer Jose Avila. All are expected to survive and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

“I still haven’t processed it. I think I’m still in shock to realize that it was so close to us,” said Rodriguez.

A nearby truck was riddled with bullets and glass windows were broken by gunfire.

Rodriguez told NBC5 that the gunman stopped by before the shooting to talk.

“I’d met him. He’s been here for like two years. I shook his hand. It was a weird interaction with him,” said Rodriguez.

For her, the Fourth of July’s familiar noises will never sound the same.

“I think when the fireworks go off tonight or tomorrow, it’s just scary to think. That’s all I can think. Is it a gun you know?” Said Rodriguez.

This video was taken before police arrived in the Glenview and Denton Highway area in response to a shooting that left two people dead and one civilian and three officers injured.
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