Home Security Cameras Vulnerable to Hackers

Experts warn users to change passwords

Security experts are warning homeowners who use surveillance cameras that stream live over the Internet to change their default passwords or they might not be the only ones watching remotely.

A website, which NBC 5 is not identifying, is broadcasting hundreds of live images from surveillance cameras in North Texas and thousands more from around the world.

The feeds include live images both inside and outside families' homes.

In broken English, the operator of the website told NBC 5 Investigates, "I am glad to point users into a large security problem … But there are still millions of insecure cameras in the world."

He did not respond to a question asking his name and where he is from.

"If you have a standalone system, then it's relatively secure,” said computer security consultant A.J. Irwin.

The problem involves cameras that are connected to the Internet so users can view the feeds remotely, he said.

"You have to exercise password security," said Irwin, who works for the Yarbrough law group in Dallas. “If you don't, you're leaving the gate open to different kind of people, people with bad intentions."

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