Home Depot Employees Escape Collapse, Return to Help Community

A manager got his employees out of harm's way in just the nick of time. Now he's being hailed a hero. It happened at the Home Depot on Forest Lane in Dallas.

Being store manager means leading your team and making the best possible decisions for group. On Sunday, Jordan Jasper's quick thinking likely saved lives.

Jasper's employees at the Home Depot made it home safely, because he made the call get everyone out before the storm hit. Had he not, they'd have been at the mercy of a completely collapsed roof.

Today, though, they're back and ready to work for the community. The focus has shifted. They can't clock in at the store, but they say there's still work to do.

"We're going to work until we can't work anymore. Our store got impacted pretty quickly, but this neighborhood got hit just as hard," said Jasper.

The Home Depot Foundation tweeted today that they've deployed some 500 associates to help their fellow employees and the city of Dallas rebuild.

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