Holster Maker Sells Out Ahead of Texas Open Carry

Open Carry might be the reason for big business at a North Texas leather shop.

"Well, we've ran out of stock we've been so busy," D.M. Bullard Leather's Renee Bullard said.

Bullard and her co-workers make handcrafted, custom leather holsters for distribution in 17 stores across three states.

While stitching a leather gun holster on a sewing machine, she told NBCDFW the last few weeks have been the busiest in the Azle company's history.

"It's been a really busy December," Bullard's twin sister Denee Ryals said. "We ran out of stock in stuff that we usually keep built up every day and we're trying to rebuilt it. Only thing we can think of is Open Carry."

There are nearly one million concealed handgun license holders in Texas, all of whom will hold what will be called a License to Carry as of Jan. 1, 2016.

Despite its reputation, Texas is one of only six states where Open Carry is not already a law.

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