Holiday Packages Pile Up in North Texas Workplaces

December has become the time of year when boxes tend to outnumber the employees in Jeremy Normand’s Arlington State Farm office, and the shipments tend to be addressed to those workers.

In fact, Normand has actually started encouraging his employees to have their holiday packages shipped straight to work rather than their homes.

“It just makes more sense, we sign for it, it goes straight to your desk,” said Normand.

The insurance agent said he’s also seen far too many cases of packages being stolen off of people’s door steps and even claims for holiday thefts coming into his agency.

Others are catching on, too, as the workplace becomes a more popular place to send packages.

Some local business leaders have set aside cubicles or entire rooms to deal with the influx of packages.

Others, especially large companies, are creating new policies asking employees not to ship to work because they don’t have the space.

The rise in popularity of online shopping may have something to do with it.

The U.S. Postal Service projects about 750 million packages will be delivered this year, a 12 percent bump from 2015, and FedEx anticipates another record season.

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