HOA Allows Man to Sell Home After Intense Roof Dispute

For the last six months, a Fort Worth man has been in a heated battle with his HOA. He said the HOA had a problem with the color of the roof. NBC 5's Samantha Chatman stepped in and had his back.

When we first sat down with Mike Luna, he was nearly in tears.

After a hail storm, he picked out gray shingles for his Fort Worth home.

But not long after, he got a notice in the mail.

According to the HOA, he didn't get approval to repair his roof.

The second problem was the color gray.

"It's not green. It's not blue, it's not red," said Luna.

Luna pointed out major contradictions in the HOA's bylaws.

In one section, it says you need prior approval for home alterations.

But in another section, it says for roof materials, like shingles, permission is "encouraged, but not required…"

As for the color, the HOA allows weatherwood or an earth tone color, which Luna thought he had.

"Grey is considered an earth tone color," he said.

Luna took a job in Waco and has tried selling his home for months, but said he couldn't because the HOA wouldn't hand over the certificate of resale.

So Luna called the NBC 5 Responds team to see if we could help.

The Vice President of the Tehama Ridge grayspan style="color: #444444; font-family: Arimo, helvetica, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 17.008px;"> told me she thinks the roof is blue, not gray, but first and foremost, Luna didn't get even approval, and rules are rules.

She said 99 percent of the roofs in the community are shades of brown or grey.

After our story first story aired, hundreds of people signed a petition, demanding that the HOA approve his roof.

And after a months long battle, Luna said the HOA finally agreed to let him sell his home.

No liens no fines, just a problem solved.

We reached out the HOA's Vice President for comment but we haven't heard back.

Luna said he and his family have officially moved to Waco and they're happy this is all behind them.

And he’s grateful to his former neighbors for starting that change.org petition.

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