HIV-Positive Man Sentenced to 20 More Years in Prison

Man now faces 95 years behind bars

An HIV-positive Dallas man sentenced to 75 years in prison Wednesday for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl and infecting her with the virus has been sentenced an additional 20 years behind bars.

Matthew Louis Reese, 31, pleading guilty Wednesday to charges of aggravated assault of a child with a deadly weapon (his semen), aggravated sexual assault with serious bodily injury and sexual assault of a child.  

He was sentenced Wednesday for two of those charges and was sentenced to 55 years and 20 years, respectively.

On Thursday, Reese was sentenced an additional 20 years behind bars for the third charge.

The prison sentences will be served consecutively, meaning Reese will not be eligible for parole for 47 years, or until he is 78-years-old.

Investigators said Reese had a sexual relationship with the girl and passed the virus to her.  The now 17-year-old girl testified this week that she would not have been with Reese if he told her about his HIV status.

At least two others testified during Reese's trial that he never told them before having sex that he carried the virus that causes AIDS.

Reese's father told NBC 5 that, as his parent, it's hard not to feel like you failed.

"I’m ashamed, yes I’m ashamed. I’m sad. I’m hurt," said Jerry Reese, Matthew Reese's father. “I know he had mental issues. I have mental issues ... I still love him. It's my son. I feel broken."

Prosecutors said Reese's sentence, which will likely include the rest of his life, is fair.

“It does break my heart, and that’s one reason I felt personally he needed to get the maximum that the law allowed. Someone like him is out there preying on the innocent and the weak,” said prosecutor Soni Lewis. “This case broke my heart.”

NBC 5's Jeff Smith, Julie Fine and Amanda Guerra contributed to this report.

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