Hit-and-Run Damages Memorial to Murder Victims

Police are investigating after a hit-and-run damaged a Euless garden dedicated to homicide victims across the state.

Fort Worth police said it appeared a car went off the road and up an embankment sometime last weekend, damaging some parts of the "Our Garden of Angels."

The property is located on the corner of Mosier Valley Road and Trinity Boulevard in Euless.

Visible damage included tire tracks near the curb. Three bushes were run over, along with a bench, two crosses and the fence which surrounds the memorial.

A Honda headlight was found on the scene, police said.

"Our Garden of Angels" was founded by Carolyn Barker in honor of her granddaughter, Amy Robinson. Police discovered Robinson's body in February 1998. Since her cross was planted in April 2000, more than 100 have been added at the garden.

Garden officials said it's unclear how much it would all cost to repair, but they believed it could be up to $7,000.

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