History Made: First Girl to Win Texas State High School Football Championship

Even in a male-dominated sport like football, K-Lani Nava's mother said she never really worried about her

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A powerhouse high school football team showed off some impressive girl power on the field as history was made Wednesday in North Texas.

Strawn High School kicker K-Lani Nava became the first female to play in and win a Texas state high school football championship.

The Strawn Greyhounds defeated the Balmorhea Bears 78-42 at AT&T Stadium to win a state title.

"It's a big deal. Very big deal," her uncle, Tito Nava, said with a proud smile. "I'm here to see the best kicker in six-man football."

She is a five-foot, three-inch, 140-pound giant of inspiration. As a senior, it was K-Lani's last game in her first state title bid.

When the Strawn High School Greyhounds go to the Texas State High School Football Championship next Wednesday, the 6-man 1-A Division 2 team will make history. Kicker K-Lani Nava, a senior, will be the first girl to play in the championship.

"I'm just so proud of her. I've watched her grow up from a little baby," Tito Nava said.

She serves as an inspiration for young girls across the state.

"It shows them that they can do anything. A small town girl like K-Lani can make history, maybe they can, too," Tito Nava said.

Even in a male-dominated sport like football, K-Lani's mother, Christie Nava, said she never really worried about her.

"The first game she ever played, the very first time she ever stepped out on that field, after a bad snap she got laid out. She popped up, and I was like, 'She can handle this,'" Christie Nava said.

Support grew quickly around their small hometown of Strawn and around the state.

"It's crazy. People that I haven't seen in years," Christie Nava laughed.

With a population of fewer than 650 people, there were a few hundred supporters in the stands at Wednesday's game. You can only imagine how many people were left back at home.

"Not a whole lot. I'm sure the town is shut down. Maybe the [police] stayed to protect it, but that's about it," Tito Nava laughed.

K-Lani will not play football in college, but says this feat taught her that there is nothing she can't attempt and accomplish in life.

"There's no limits. Whatever she wants to do, she can pretty much accomplish anything. All she's got to do is go out there and try. Just try," Christie Nava said.

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