Hillary Clinton Visits Dallas for Fundraiser

Talk of a Joe Biden campaign heats up

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited Dallas for a presidential campaign fundraising event Tuesday morning.

Eric Johnson, who attended the fundraiser, tells NBC 5 that there were about 200 people present and she spoke for about 30 minutes.

"She started out from her roots and her family, and talked about how the country does better under a Democratic president," said Johnson.

He said he's optimistic for Clinton come Super Tuesday.

"I think she is going to win the Texas primary, yes," said Johnson.

But she may have more company in the race than expected. There has been more talk about Vice President Joe Biden getting into the race.

Biden has said he remains undecided.

But with the first Democratic presidential debate in less than a month, a decision could be coming soon.

The political action committee Draft Biden already has volunteers here in Texas.

"Really we want to show Vice President Biden that if he decides to get in the race he will have volunteers ready to go, infrastructure ready to go. He will have an operation here in Texas," said volunteer coordinator Travis Cooper.

The national finance director for Draft Biden said he believes there is a huge pocket of money left in the race for a candidate like Biden.

And don't forget Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. He drew a crowd of 8,000 people when he spoke in Dallas earlier this summer. State Democratic executive committee member Kathleen Thomson says when it is all said and done, the party will unite to win the White House.

"I know Texas Democrats like me will support the nominee," said Thompson.

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